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Feasibility Information

Please see the available resources for the Feasibility Study.  



Public Forum Video 5/22/18  *Originally this video was uploaded under a Warwick Brand account. YouTube changed their terms of service related to Brand accounts and G-Suite for Education users and promptly disabled all videos uploaded in this manner sometime between July and September of 2019. The video was recovered and is now working as expected. This was the same for other links to YouTube videos across the website. 

For more information on Brand accounts, see information posted by Google.*

Update on Warwick's Feasibility Study 10/4/18
Feasibility Update 11/18/18

Field House Review 3/11/19
Field House Review 4/2/19
Feasibility Study Update 8/6/19
Update on Proposed Field House 10/15/19

Feasibility Study Update 11/1/22

Committee of the Whole - RLPS Presentation 4/4/23

Any public feedback regarding the feasibility project can be sent to this email address: