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Recap from the Second Feasibility Study Public Forum

On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 the Warwick School District gathered for the second public forum regarding the feasibility study.  Members of the public were encouraged to attend as representatives from RLPS presented the three remaining renovation options.  

Erin Hoffman of RLPS presented a slideshow on the progress update.  She started by discussing Warwick’s baseline option, as well as displaying more detail on options A and B.  She highlighted what buildings need modifications, the overall project costs, and impacts.

The baseline project would keep things as is with grades K - 6 remaining at the elementary level, middle school and high school grade levels will stay as is. Renovations that weren’t touched in 2000 would be addressed with the majority of the work being in the high school.  While not factored into the baseline costs, 21st-century learning could still be incorporated at all buildings.The baseline would include renovating the air conditioning in athletic areas at the high school.

Option A consists of Kissel Hill Elementary being renovated to accommodate the Primary Center (PreK - K), with John Beck and Lititz Elementary being grades 1 - 4.  Bonfield would then house grades 5 - 6, with the middle school and high school staying as is.This option would change the grade configuration and bring in the 21st-century learning piece, as well as the enhancement of mechanical work.

Option B consists of having Pre-K - 4th grades in the elementary buildings with Bonfield then housing grades 5 and 6.  Middle school and high school would stay the same.This option is similar in costs and would also include the 21st-century learning at all buildings.  

Alternate projects that could be associated with any of the above options could be expanding the athletic spaces at the high school and/or building an athletic field concourse, which was removed from the plan back in 2000.

RLPS looked at all the deficiencies in the schools, the systems within each building and where certain things need to be replaced and updated.  

The purpose of the public forum is to present the remaining options and gather feedback from the community.  There was great dialogue during the discussion and Warwick School District would like to thank all members of the community that were able to participate.  

The district and RLPS will evaluate the feedback and spend additional time discussing the options.  No decision is being made at this point. The Warwick School District vision is to continue providing the best possible education for students while being fiscally responsible to the community.  Discussions will continue to happen at the Committee of the Whole meetings which are held the first Tuesday of every month.The district encourages the community to come out to those meetings where the school board will look at all options. 

For more detailed information from the public forum please see the live video recording

A presentation from RLPS can also be accessed to see the exact details and costs for each option.

Additional feedback may be provided to the following email address: feasibilitystudy@warwicksd.org

Continue to stay up to date on all things feasibility study by checking the Warwick School District website.