Warwick School District

Feasibility Study Update

The Warwick School Board of Directors has made a decision in regards to the ongoing feasibility study. The board has determined that they will move forward with keeping grades K-6 in the elementary schools instead of creating a 5-6 building.  

During multiple community forums, focus groups, and online responses from parents, community members, and Warwick staff the district received excellent feedback on the feasibility study options.  The school board heard and recognized the community’s response regarding multiple transitions for students between buildings.After much discussion, the board agreed and will keep grade level configuration as it currently stands — four K-6 elementary buildings, middle school 7-8, and high school 9-12.  

“After the last three years of study, public forums, focus groups and discussion, we are pleased to have a focus for our three renovation projects at Kissel Hill Elementary, John Beck Elementary and the high school,” stated Dr. April Hershey, superintendent for the Warwick School District. “As we begin to determine the details of these projects, continued discussion will occur at public board meetings.We look forward to the next steps in this important process.”

With grade configuration staying the same, renovations will be done to John Beck Elementary, Kissel Hill Elementary, and the Warwick High School beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. RLPS architects and designers can now focus on a more detailed level of options for each of these renovation projects.

The high school will see improvements to the mechanical work with upgrades and renovations to the classrooms.  There will also be minor additions and major renovations to athletic areas. The board has also asked RLPS to provide an option for the completion of a field house, initially proposed in 2009.  The plan also includes incorporating 21st Century Learning into all buildings.