Warwick School District

Board of Directors and Communication


Warwick Board of School Directors

Each name links to an email address. Sending an email to either schoolboard@warwicksd.org or individual School Board members will result in posting a copy of that message to both the entire School Board and Superintendent, Dr. April Hershey.

Mrs. Emily Zimmerman, President
Mr. Scott Landis, Vice President
Mr. Bill Breault
Mr. Mike Brown
Mr. Jim Koelsch
Mrs. Angie Lingo
Mrs. Amy Martin
Mr. Reggie Weaver
Mr. Dan Woolley

Mr. Nathan Wertsch
, * Treasurer

Mrs. Janice Boyer
, * Board Secretary

Zoe Wiker, * Student Representative

     Saxton & Stump, LLC * Solicitor


Pennsylvania School Boards act as one body, not as individuals. Communication sent to a single School Board member is shared with the entire School Board and Superintendent. Opportunities to address the full board occur at public board meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the district office.