Warwick High School

Warrior Since: 2009

Mr. Ray Mount

Science Teacher
(717) 626-3700



2023-2024 will see me begin my 15th year at Warwick High School.  I will be teaching College Prep and Honors Biology and AP Biology this year.  Previously I spent 3 years teaching biology at Philadelphia's Martin Luther King High School.

I'm foolish enough to think that I bridge the "old school" and the "new school".  My "old school" expectations are simple: I believe in hard work, personal responsibility, and doing your best.  My parents and grandparents expected these things of me.  I expect them of my students.  And "new school": Students have innate talents and skills that they should be encouraged to take advantage of. There is just as much to be gained through collaboration and creative work as through a traditional teacher-driven lesson.  Students can expect my classroom to be a combinations of all of these things.

I teach science because it is beautiful.  The universe is an amazing place. On all levels, in both living and non-living things and from the microscopic to the gigantic, the universe is full of remarkable and complex wonder.  Science allows us to open a window onto how this amazing universe works. Personally, I think that's really cool!  It is this beauty and this wonder that I hope to communicate to my students.

I look forward to working with you this year.  Here's to a great year!


  • Eastern College
    BS, Biology
  • Eastern University
    Certificate, Education
  • Eastern University
    Masters, Multicultural Education