Warwick School District

Tri-M Music Honor Society Holds Spring Ceremony

On Wednesday night, the Tri-M Music Honor Society held its Spring Induction Ceremony and Senior Cord Presentation Ceremony at the Warwick High School Performing Arts Center.

Before the ceremony, students performed in a recital that featured vocalists, chamber orchestra, chamber choir, and instrumental solos.

The following students were inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society:

Annalaye Glenn, Brisa Miller, Dominick Pepo, Sebastian Pilarte, Piper Sobon, Lucy Taylor, and Sarah Trovinger. 

In addition to inducting the new students, the following seniors were honored and received their graduation cords:

Jonah Ahlers, Samuel Beatty, Zoë Buchanan, Hollyann Carzola, Ryan Cascarella, Carly Evans, Ava Fackler, Alexander Fair, Abby Giughlo, Chloe Harris, Dylan Hilbert-Hess, Julia Kofroth, Tyler Leakway, Luke Lenahan, Hayden Milchanowski, Foster Shrom, Piper Sobon, Rebekah Trovinger, Magdalena Turner, Tobin Waite, and Lilly Walls. 

The Tri-M Officers include:

Magdalena Turner, President; Andrew Jackson, Vice President; Lilly Walls, Secretary; Chloe Harris, Treasurer; and Evie Strayer, Historian

We wish our senior members the best of luck in all that they encounter on their paths and are certain that they will keep music active in their lives