Warwick School District

Future City Students Place 3rd in Finals

It’s that time of year again, time for our Future City students to shine!

A few weeks ago, the Future City team competed and won the Regional Competition for the 11th year in a row with their Sydney, Australia project!

The project has over 20 historical landmarks and/or buildings from downtown Sydney that were created and placed on the model.

The theme this year tasked the team to design an electrified city of the future. The team used Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors and Direct Solar Plants as well as distributed energy resources to power the city. Organic Sodium Ion Batteries power all transportation. Kairos Power is currently building a test plant with similar LFTR technology in Tennessee.

The team is coached by Mr. Mike Smith and this year’s team mentor is Mr. Jay Lance. All three of Mr. Lance’s sons were at one time Future City presenters for Warwick’s team, so Mr. Lance has been a wealth of knowledge to the students.

This year’s team presenters were Kensi Courchesne, Reese Shelley, and Kayla Stuckey.

The following students were on this year’s team:

Nathan Anderson, Stephen Ashton,  Jo Bender, Linsey Brown, Leah Brownsberger, Maya Buchanan, Madelyn Cappoli, Teagan Caton, Hayden Checchia, Kensi Corurchesne, Charlie Cox, Ayla Dullon, Xander Edinger, Carter Geesaman, Judah Hamilton, Emma Lovelock, Camryn McCormick, Miles McGinty, Teo Medini, Josie Meier, Elizabeth Motz, Susie Myallis, Reilly Naymik, Noah Perrotti, Lilly Rivera, Gray Rothermel, Christian Santana, Zoey Seacat, Anna Shirk-Stoltzfus, Reece Shelley, Capri Shoemaker, Jayden Simmons, Carly Spade, Kayla Stuckey, Emerson Trobaugh, Aidy Walker, Norah Walton, Ben Witmer, Izzy Wolfe, Daniel Wood, and Alex Ziegler.

Earlier this week, the team attended the Championship where they placed 3rd overall and were given the “Most Sustainable Food Production System” award.

Up next, the students were invited to present their project at the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity for them!

Additionally, MacGillivray Freedman’s new IMAX movie, Cities of the Future, which is currently playing around the world, features a clip of our team winning last year’s Future City Championship. You can check out the teaser video here.

Great job to all of the incredible students who were a part of this team. Through countless hours of research and hard work, these students were able to create an incredible project!