Warwick School District

Upcoming District-Wide Talent Show

Join us on Saturday, February 24th at 7:00 PM for the District-Wide Talent Show. The event will be held in the High School Auditorium and the cost to attend is $10.00 – all proceeds will go to the Four Diamonds Fund!

This annual event offers an opportunity for students of all ages to showcase their talents while also raising money for a good cause. The event is organized and run by the Warwick UNITE Club, a club dedicated to raising money for the Four Diamonds Fund. The club advisors are Mrs. Lauren Graybill, Mrs. Laura Houghton, Mrs. Julie Mowrer, and Mrs. Tish Jones.

Talent Show attendees can look forward to the following performances:

Prelude No.1 In C, by J. S. Bach         

Joel Thomas Ragonesi (Grade 1)


Haley Shanklin, Tori Rodruan, and Kherington Powell (Grade 6)

Journey to the Past                                  

Ameira Darwish (Grade 10)                                                                        

Everything Everything                         

Makenzy Shanklin (Grade 8) and Reese Shelley (Grade 8)    

Mr. Four Diamonds Pageant                                                                                                                                                

Henry Browne (Grade 9)

Mason Harnly (Grade 9)

Logan Muñoz (Grade 9)

Carter Smith (Grade 9)

Ronan Zee (Grade 9)

Trevor Evans (Grade 10)

Dougie Schwartz (Grade 10) 

Connor Gilbertson (Grade 11)  

Carter Horst (Grade 12)                                

Thomas Jeanes (Grade 12) 

Jonny Royer (Grade 12) 

Jealous (Original Song)                          

Aliyah Diffenbach (Grade 11)

The Flawless Four                          

Anais McMillion (Grade 11), Kori Elle McMillion (Grade 9), Nandi McMillion (Grade 7) and Kaci McMillion (Grade 4) 

Lady Like                                      

Ada Ober & Rachel Blose (Grade 5)

Golden Hour                                                   

Cambria Groff (Grade 7) 


Jo Bender (Grade 8) 


Margaret Edwards (Grade 6) 

Ever After                                 

Cast of WHS musical Into the Woods 

Sports Team Dance-Off

Field Hockey Team - Choreographed by Ella Ober and Leah Lipisko

Girls Soccer Team - Choreographed by Lilah Petersheim

Softball Team - Choreographed by Sheridan MacKenzie

Swim Team - Choreographed by Zoë Buchanan

Britney Spears Mashup - Warriorettes Dance Team

Choreographed by Jayna Ober, Piper Sobon, Lilah Petersheim, and Zoë Buchanan

We hope you’ll join us for this fun evening showcasing the talented students of Warwick School District!