Warwick School District

Hollyann Carzola Wins The Red Raven Art Company Scholarship

Congratulations to Hollyann Carzola on receiving this year’s Red Raven Art Company Scholarship.

The Red Raven Art Company Scholarship was available for seniors attending a four-year school who are majoring in art. The application process included the following:

  1. Official Transcripts

  2. Three drawings created entirely from life (i.e. drawings couldn’t come from photographs/digital images)

  3. Other media may be submitted in addition to the above three drawings (no digitally designed images)

  4. Write a Student Statement answering the following questions

    1. Why is art important to you?

    2. What are your future goals in art?

  5. There is a minimum of eight pieces required to submit and a maximum of 15

In addition to receiving the scholarship money, Hollyann will also be given a spot in the Emerging Artist Exhibit at The Red Raven Art Company (138 North Prince St. Lancaster).

Congratulations, Hollyann!