Warwick School District

District-Wide Talent Show Raises $13,289.95 for the Four Diamonds Fund

On Saturday, February 25th, Warwick UNITE held a district-wide Talent Show as a fundraiser to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund. The event raised $13,289.95 in total!

The night included community acts, The Mr. Four Diamonds Competitions, and a Sports Team dance-off. For the community acts portion of the night, students from K-12 participated to show off their various talents.

Talent Show Participants:

  • Haley Shanklin (5th Grade), Tori Rodruan (5th Grade), and Kherington Powell (5th Grade) - Dance Performance, Surf Crazy 
  • Avelynn Lloyd (Kindergarten) Vocal Performance, Diamonds
  • Joel Bowen (4th Grade) - Piano Performance, Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Liam Arpey (6th Grade) - Vocal/Dance Performance, Michael Jackson
  • Nora Duignan (Kindergarten) - Vocal Performance, I Will Always Love You
  • Makenzy Shanklin (7th Grade), Reese Shelley (7th Grade), Sara DiFillipo (8th Grade), and Delaney Sauder (8th Grade) - Dance Performance, This Is How We Do It
  • Carter Geesaman (7th Grade) and Jo Bender (7th Grade) - Vocal Performance, Movin’ Right Along
  • Aliyah Diffenbach (10th Grade) - Vocal/Ukulele Performance, Hope – an original song
  • Emily Stauffer (9th Grade) and Jenna Martin (10th Grade) - Irish Dance Performance, The Claddagh Girls

Mr. Four Diamonds Pageant:

  • Jason Hines (Mr. Four Diamonds, 2017) - Impressions/Vocal Performance, Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Joe Kihenja (12th Grade) - Magic Performance
  • Thomas Jeanes (11th Grade) and Ya’Majesty Washington (10th Grade) - Basketball Routine
  • Cooper Hollinger (10th Grade) and Joey Hildreth (10th Grade) - Vocal Performance, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Sports Teams Dance-Off (Mash-Up Songs):

  • Field Hockey - Choreographed by Zoe Buchanan, Lauren Moore, and Sarah Miller
  • Girls Soccer - Choreographed by Lilah Petersheim, Arabelle Petersheim, and Olivia Carrio
  • Girls Tennis - Choreographed by Jayna Ober, Lexi Harnly, and Bella Cesarini
  • Girls Lacrosse - Choreographed by Piper Sobo, Leah Lipisko, and Dakota Martin 
  • Warriorette Dance Team - Choreographed by captains: Piper Hepler, Joy Singer, and Kristen Herr

The winner of the sports dance-off was the Girls' Lacrosse Team and the winner of the Mr. Four Diamonds competition was Cooper Hollinger (raising a total of $5,314) with Ya’Majesty Washington as the runner-up (raising a total of $3,278).

Join us for the community portion of our Mini-THON on April 29th from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. More information can be found here!