Warwick School District

Dancing Drum Residency with Steve Campbell

John Beck Elementary will be hosting the Dancing Drum Residency with Steve Campbell. This event is sponsored by the Warwick Education Foundation.

The residency will take place from March 13th through March 16th. The four days offer students in-depth instruction and participation in drumming, dancing, and singing. Steve Campbell is a performer and educator with over twenty years of experience. Mr. Campbell will use his
“Drumming Up Character” curriculum to teach our students. “Drumming Up Character” is a powerful, multi-disciplinary curriculum for character education and Social-Emtoional Learning.

Each homeroom (K-6) will have two classes with Mr. Campbell. On Wednesday, March 15th, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm, Mr. Campbell will lead a Family Drum Night in the John Beck School Gym. The students will have the opportunity to show their parents what they have learned, and the community will come together to make music. Family Drumming Events are appropriate for all ages and types of groups and will be custom-tailored to the age and ability level of attendees.