Warwick School District

Winter Weather Delays and Closing Procedures

The Warwick School District would like to remind parents of the communication procedures in place should a schedule change occur due to inclement weather.

Parents should check the following Warwick channels for morning decision information:

Website: www.warwicksd.org
Warwick Facebook page
Warwick Twitter page

Typically, these decisions are made before 6 a.m.

If the district needs to notify families of a two-hour delay or morning closure of school, Warwick will NOT send out a phone alert to families. Phone alerts are used only to communicate emergency information and/or early dismissals announced during a school day.

To receive an email notification the morning these events take place sign up for Warwick’s Fast News email alert system.  Schedule changes and any other important information will be sent directly from the district.  Fast News will send out a notification almost immediately after the announcement is made by the District. 

The announcement of school delays or closings will be reported on the following local radio and television stations:

FM Radio:

  • WROZ (101.3 FM)
  • NASH (106.7 FM)
  • WIOV (105.1 FM)
  • WARM (103.3 FM)
  • WSOX (96.1 FM)
  • WJTL (90.3 FM)
  • WDAC (94.FM)


•ABC 27
•CBS 21
•FOX 43

During school hours, in the event of an early dismissal or other emergency, parents will be alerted by phone via Blackboard Connect. An early dismissal or any other important information that impacts students/families during the school day will be communicated in this way.

How does the District decide whether to delay/close school?
According to Warwick Superintendent, Dr. April Hershey, "In making decisions related to weather and our school schedule, student and staff safety is priority #1. The district utilizes information from a wide variety of sources in making these difficult decisions, including weather professionals, township and borough road crews, local emergency management, local law enforcement, neighboring school districts, and personal experiences with driving around the district to experience conditions firsthand. Timing in decision-making is critical; morning calls must be made by 5:30 a.m. to provide sufficient notice for bus contractors and building and grounds staff to ensure our facilities are ready for students and staff. In determining an early dismissal, a decision must be made by 10:30 a.m. for similar reasons, so buses can be ready to get students home safely, and our facilities are safe for buses to pick up our students. We also think specifically of our student drivers when making weather-related decisions. We recommend that families have a ‘Plan B’ if you do not wish for your student driver to be on the road when school is in session. We thank you for your support and patience as the weather is often difficult to predict."

In the event a Flexible Instructional Day (FID) is called, that information will be shared using the same methods for announcing an inclement weather day.  On a FID, students are responsible for completing their class assignments which will be posted no later than 10 a.m. Teachers will be available during school hour by email.  More details on FID's can be found here. 

2-Hour Delay Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the bus schedule on 2-hour delays?
    The buses will arrive 2 hours after the typical arrival time. (Example: Bus pick up is at 7:45 on a typical day, bus pick up will be at 9:45 on a 2-hour delay.)

  2. What is the schedule for half day kindergarten or pre-kindergarten students on a 2-hour delay day?  
    Kindergarten: Warwick does not offer a half-day kindergarten program. Parents can opt their child out of a portion of the full-day program, but Kindergarten operates as a full day program. Parents who participate in the partial day should follow the schedule for arrival time as indicated with the weather/emergency update and pick up at the typical pick up time.

    : AM students arrive on a 2-hour delay and end at the typical dismissal time. PM students have the typical schedule.

  3. What time do offices open on 2-hour delay days?
    Offices will typically open 1-hour later than usual on 2-hour delay days. Staff should not report to buildings prior to the 1-hour delay to provide time for the Buildings & Grounds Team to clear the parking lots and sidewalks.
  4. Who can I contact with questions on 2-hour delay days? 
    Families can contact the school during the typical or modified hours with additional questions.

  5. What if the 2-hour delay becomes a Flexible Instructional Day?
    We will notify families through social media, our website, and local tv/news stations.