Warwick School District

Upcoming: WMS Presents… Sherlock Holmes and the 1st Baker Street Irregular

This year’s Middle School Fall Play is Sherlock Holmes and the 1st Baker Street Irregular.

The shows will be on Friday, November 18th at 7:00PM and Saturday, November 19th at 1:00PM.

Ticket Sales will begin on November 16th and be available from 6-9PM daily in the Middle School auditorium lobby. They will also be available at the door before the show. Tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for students.

Meet the Cast:

Sherlock Holmes - Asher Shroyer

Dr. Watson - Soren Miller

Mrs. Hudson - Leah Turnbull

Lestrade - Charlie Cox

Wiggins - Jo Bender

Toby - Collin Rosebrook

Anna - Jeweleona Hilton

George - Finn Cracroft

Lucy - Violet Hinton

Olivia - Molly Weiler

Hope - Elisha Chuma

Constable - Norah Nickens

Wilson - Ben Witmer

Spaulding - Kori Elle McMillion

Mary - Yana Argulski 

Ross - Liv Campbell

Merryweather - Charlotte Williams

Landlady - Dot Andrews 

Baker - Hannah Trovinger

Horner - Hannah Knudson

Ryder - Ben Reist

Catherine - Corinne Hamilton

Breckinridge - Axel Stauffer

Ensemble - Jasmin Boyle, Kensi Courchesne, Jillian Corporan, Mia Garrison, Cristina Rivera-Perez, Kayla Stuckey, Cali Williams

The show is under the direction of Justin Droegemueller and Alison Droegemueller.

"Everyone likes trying to solve a mystery and in Sherlock Holmes and the 1st Baker Street Irregular, we have three. This show is fun for all ages and we hope to see you there!" - Justin Droegemueller, Director.