Warwick School District

100+ Elementary Students Participate in Fun Run!

Yesterday evening, the Middle School Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Teams hosted an Elementary Fun Run to introduce students to the joy of running. The event was led by Coach Lyle Ressler (Head Coach) and Marni Van Grouw (Assistant Coach).

Over 100 elementary students from our district participated in the event. Students ran various distances of the cross country course depending on their grade level. Kindergarteners and first grades ran a quarter of a mile, second through fourth graders ran a half mile, fifth graders ran three quarters of a mile, and sixth graders ran a full mile.

Medals were awarded to the top three finishers in each category with ribbons and prizes for the participants. 

Kindergarten - Boys

1st - Logan McCormick (JRB)

2nd - Silas Smoker (LE)

3rd - Landyn Peters (JRB)

Kindergarten - Girls

1st - Ottilie Kline (LE)

2nd - Audrey Garrett (KH)

3rd - Ruby Monaghan (JRB)

First Grade - Boys

1st - Wells Henault (JRB)

2nd - Emery Taylor (JB)

3rd - Graham Singer (Homeschool)

First Grade - Girls

1st - Scout Shoemaker (LE)

2nd - Aurelia Epler (JB)

3rd - Addison Pabon (LE)

Second Grade - Boys

1st - Solomon Smoker (LE)

2nd - Tanner Swords (LE)

3rd - Sam Zdancewicz (LE)

Second Grade - Girls

1st - Gracie Clark (KH)

2nd - Aria Michaels (LE)

3rd - Adelyn Bomberger (JB)

Third Grade - Boys

1st - Christian Reigle (JRB)

2nd - Henry Shickman (LE)

3rd - Trevor Schutt (KH)

Third Grade - Girls

1st - Alexa Glinka (LE)

2nd - Adelyn Gabers (Homeschool)

3rd - Savannah Singer (Homeschool)

Fourth Grade - Boys

1st - Alex Minnich (KH)

2nd - Alex Van Grouw (JRB)

3rd - Porter Strayer (LE)

Fourth Grade - Girls

1st - Lauren Jerchau (LE)

2nd - Lily Zdancewicz (LE)

3rd - Lyric Pabon (LE)

Fifth Grade - Boys

1st - Finn Mitchley (KH)

2nd - Pierce Henault (JRB)

3rd - Brett Frey (JB)

Fifth Grade - Girls

1st - Elizabeth Bomberger (JB)

Sixth Grade - Boys

1st - Cole Weaver (JB)

2nd - Asher Smoker (LE)

3rd - Mateo Tuten (KH)

Sixth Grade - Girls

1st - Madison Huber (LE)

2nd - Susanna Myallis (LE)

3rd - Caroline Singer (Homeschool)

This event was a great way to introduce elementary students to the sport of cross country. At the Middle School level, students run 2 miles.

“Cross country is an amazing sport where there’s no sitting on the bench or being second string. Everyone plays a role on the team. We are thrilled to provide this introduction of our sport to our elementary families. Watching every single student cross the finish line is a victory to be celebrated!” - Marni Van Grouw

We hope you all enjoyed the event!

View Pictures here.