Warwick Middle School

Grading Policy

Grading Policy for 8th Grade Langauge Arts


Grades will be weighted for this course

70% for end-of-unit assignments (includes projects, essays, tests, etc.) 

30% for intra-unit assignments  (in-class work, small quizzes ) 

If an assignment falls in the end-of-unit category, that information will be shared when the assignment is given. 

Assignments and Due Dates

Due dates for all assignments, including homework, projects, and papers, are always posted on the in-class calendar and on Google Calendar. Students will sign up for our Google Calendar at the beginning of the course. 

Please see me immediately if you have questions about assignments. Not completing work because you didn’t understand it will not be accepted as an excuse; please complete work to the best of your ability and reach out for help when needed.

Absent Work

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see what was missed. Absent work will be posted on Google Classroom. Please reach out to me with any questions. 

  • Work should be made up as outlined in the student handbook: When a short-term absence (one to four days) occurs, all work missed shall be made-up within the number of days absent (1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4).   
  • When a prolonged absence occurs (five or more days), all work missed shall be made-up within a period of time not to exceed twice the number of days the student was absent. 

Extra Credit

Extra credit will be available to all students and not to exceed 3% points.

Extra credit will be teacher initiated; do not ask for extra credit assignments. 

Late Work

·      Graded WILL NOT be accepted after it has been reviewed in class

·     All other late work will only be accepted within two weeks of the due date

·      There will be a loss of 10% for late work


Retesting will be available for grammar, vocabulary, words often confused, and literary terms and will only be available after remediation. Remediation could include extra practice, study practices, etc. See me if you would like to remediate and retest. This is an excellent opportunity to work further with and master the material. 

Academic Honesty

As per the student handbook: In any academic environment, it is essential that each student be responsible for his/her own accomplishments. Cheating, copying another student’s work, sharing answers, and plagiarism are unacceptable practices. Students who work collaboratively on assignments without explicit pre-approval from their teacher will be cited for cheating. When it has been determined that a student has cheated, copied, or plagiarized, the teacher will notify the student’s parents/guardians and refer the student to the building administration. Additional infractions by the student will result in academic penalty, suspension, and a parent/guardian conference with the principal.

See me with questions. If you are struggling with an assignment and/or due date, see me rather than resorting to plagiarism or academic dishonesty! I am here to help. 


If at any time you have questions or concerns about anything regarding our class, please see me! I am here to help.

If you are at home and have a question, you may email me: adarzinikas-walters@warwicksd.org  Please note that I do not always have access to my email and may not receive it immediately. If I am not able to respond, it is still your responsibility to have the work completed to the best of your ability. 

I truly look forward to working with you this year.