Warwick School District

Resource Page

The following links may help with finding information and support regarding mental health, special education, and tips for students and their families:

WSD School Psychology Corner - this webpage includes information tips and resources for mental health, distance learning, and strategies for self-care for K-12 students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Teen Mental Health - this website provides information for teens, families, and educators about the mental health issues facing students today and how to find support

National Institute of Mental Health - this website provides information about a variety of mental health topics

National Center for Learning Disabilities - this website provides educators and families with resources and information regarding learning disabilities and strategies to help students with learning and attentional difficulties

Lancaster County Crisis Intervention -  information about this support within Lancaster County.  The number to reach Crisis Intervention is 717-394-2631. 

Crisis Text Line - information about the Crisis Text Line, which can be utilized by teens and adults in moments of need

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - this website provides a hotline number for anyone to call if they are concerned for their own or other's safety.  It also provides resources for individuals looking for information regarding mental health.

The Trevor Project - this is an organization dedicated to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.  There are additional resources on this site to  assist allies in better understanding how to support LGBTQ+ individuals.

PA Health Management (D&A) - agency that provides drug and alcohol counseling and supports to students ages 14 and over. If you are interested in D&A counseling services for your child at no cost through a partnership between the Warwick School District and the Ryan Brubaker Foundation Fund, please contact me or your child's school counselor.