J R Bonfield Elementary

Learning Expectations

Language Arts

Kindergarteners will work with reading and writing readiness skills.

*Alphabet (recognize capital and lower case letters, out of order)

*Letter sounds (Phonics and Phonemic Awareness)

*Sight Words

*Rhyming-recognizing and producing 

*blending and Segmenting letter sounds/words

*Print and Book Awareness

*Ability to Talk About Literature-characters, setting, major events

*Reading and Writing (Independent, Small Group and Large Group Instruction)


Kindergarteners will work with math readiness skills.

*2D and 3D Shapes

*Sorting items

*Counting to 100

*Order Numbers 0-20

*Writing Numbers 1-20

*Recognizing Numbers 1-20

*Addition and Subtraction Fluently to 10

*Problem Solving

*Basic Measurement Skills

*Number bonds- decomposing and composing numbers