Kissel Hill Elementary

Curriculum Information

This year will be filled with much academic and personal growth.  I strive to make learning engaging and meaningful.  I hope to encourage independence and confidence as the year goes on.  Your participation and involvement is so important, and I value your input and support. Please don't hesitate to email, jot a note, or call if you have any concerns or questions.  I look forward to working with you and your students this year. The following offers some brief details about our school year.

READING :  Students will participate in whole class reading lessons, small group reading at their instructional level, and individual self-selected reading. Students may receive additional extension or intervention support to best meet their needs. Lessons on specific reading comprehension skills, strategies, fluency, and expression will be taught.  The students will apply these skills to their own reading. Evaluation will be based on individual conferences with the students, their participation in reading, and completion of assignments.  Quizzes on comprehension, skills, and vocabulary will also be included. 

WRITTEN EXPRESSION : Students will have a writing folder for on-going writing process work.  The writing process consists of prewriting, drafting, conferencing, revising, editing, and publishing.   Students will work on improving focus, content, organization, style, and mechanics in their writing.  Teachers will conference with students to help them make progress in their writing. Lessons will also be taught on grammar topics such as sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, and paragraphs. Step Up To Writing methods will be used to encourage organized and expressive writing. 

SPELLING :  Students will be working with word patterns. Evaluation will be based on authentic spelling in everyday work, assessments, and completion of word study activities.

MATH : Topics covered in math this year include place value, multiplication/division, decimals, fractions, measurement, algebra, and geometry. Extension and intervention support is provided when necessary. Evaluation in math will be based on classwork, quizzes, and tests.

SCIENCE : Topics covered in science this year are earth science, physical science, and life science. Students will need to keep information in their folder.  This subject is very hands-on.  Evaluation will be based on projects, tests, and classroom activities.    

SOCIAL STUDIES : Students will be studying regions of the United States, map skills, climate regions, U.S. landmarks, government, and economics. Students will also keep papers in their folder for this class. Evaluation will be based on projects, tests, and classroom activities.    

HOMEWORK : Students will record their assignments in their planner. Homework assignments may be tailored to meet student need. Fourth grade homework consists of 20 minutes of reading and no more than 20 minutes of other work. Parents will be notified if missed assignments becomes a pattern. If a student is absent they will be given time to make up work.  If your child has made a good effort and an assignment is too difficult or takes beyond 10 minutes at home, please write a note on it to explain the situation and I will help them with it the next day.   If you are planning a longer absence because of a family trip, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare work for your child.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS :  Students will participate in classroom meetings to help them become better problem solvers. We will be working on team building as well.  Bullying awareness will be part of our class discussions. Routine classroom matters will be handled as they arise. If a problem continues you will be notified of the situation and the steps taken to resolve it.  Students may be asked to reflect on their choices by completing a think sheet. Please notify me if you have concerns and have students report issues as they occur.  If there is a situation at home that may affect your child's behavior or performance, please contact me. 

AVAILABLE TIME : Please feel free to call, email, or send notes for an appointment.  The school number is 626-3703. My email address is and I check email several times a day at school.