Kissel Hill Elementary

Curriculum and Expectations

Curriculum and Expectations  

Language Arts  Kindergarten children will work with reading and   

                              writing readiness skills.


                              Letter Sounds (Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

                              Core Words

                              Print and Book Awareness

                              Ability to Discuss Literature

                              Reading and Writing (Independent, Small Group and Large Group                                                                      Instruction)

Content               (Kindergarten children will explore a variety of Social     

                             Studies, Science and Health topics through the integration of

                             reading and math.

Math  (Kindergarten children will work with math readiness skills.)





         Counting to 100

         Counting by 5's and 10's

         Counting Backwards

         Order Numbers 0 - 10

         Writing Numbers

         Reading Numbers

         Addition And Subtraction Readiness

         Problem Solving

         Calendar Skills