John Beck Elementary

General Music at John Beck

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        Kindergarten through sixth grade has music for forty minutes every four days. Fifth and Sixth Grade chorus meet for thirty minutes once every four-day cycle. 

    All Students learn how to sing, move to the music, and play various classroom instruments. Students are also introduced to music theory and music history. 

       Third Grade students learn how to play the recorder. If you would like to know more about the recorder curriculum, or if you need to copy the recorder information form, please click on the recorder link.

       Thanks to generous grants from the Warwick Education Foundation and the Music For Everyone organization, students in sixth grade learn to play the ukulele. 

        One of my main objectives as a music teacher is to teach your child to love music. I realize children come to me with different levels of experience. Regardless of their experience, I expect children to participate in music class and do their best. Not all children will grow up to be famous musicians, but they can all grow up to be educated consumers of music. 

         If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at school.                                                

 Michele Horton