John Beck Elementary

General Information

John Beck Elementary


418 E. Lexington Rd.

Lititz, PA 17543

John Beck Principal:  Steven Lin

Superintendent: Dr. April Hershey

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary: Dr. Melanie Calender  


Day A- Music

Day B- Art

Day C- PE

Day D- Library


Your child also has the option to pack a lunch or purchase a lunch from the school.  There are four daily choices offered in the cafteteria each day.  Students will pick their choice at the beginning of the day and will received that lunch at lunch time. 

Classes will go outdoors daily for supervised recess.  All students are expected to participate. Please be sure that your child has the appropriate outerwear for cooler days.

Warwick has a zero tolerance policy against bullying, as well as stating that students will be responsible, they will be respectful, and they will be ready. The entire policy is listed on the district website, so please take time to review it with your child. In addition to this policy, I will handle routine classroom matters on a daily basis. Students may be kept in for part or all of recess if they do not respond to warnings about inappropriate behavior. If a particular problem persists, I will contact a parent by note, phone, or email to seek your support.