John Beck Elementary

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*Welcome to 6th Grade*
Mrs. Breckenmaker, Mrs. Bernstein, Mrs. Morgan

In order to be prepared for 6th grade, we would appreciate it if each student
would come to school with the following materials:

✔ Organization is key in 6th grade…what works best for you? (ex. a large 3
ring binder, a small binder for each class, or folders for each class).
✔ For Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, you will need some type of
folder WITH pockets.
✔ TWO 3 or 5 subject spiral notebooks…one for Language Arts and another for
Content (Science and Social Studies) - 5 Star or Mead brand is preferred
because of its width
✔ You will NOT need anything for Math, as we will supply a specific type of
Math Folder that we use for a notebook as well!
✔ Earbuds or Headphones

If any of these causes a financial hardship for your family, please contact the John
Beck Office 717-626-3704.
Optional items that you could donate to our classroom:
✔ Glue sticks for classroom use for Interactive Notebooks
✔ Tissues
✔ Extra pencils, erasers, and paper.
*It is also very important that you come to 6th grade with a positive attitude, an
open mind, and the willingness to work hard!