Warwick High School

Français 4 (Honors)

In preparation for the AP French Language and Culture course, and in order for students to refine and expand on previously learned materials, the course follows The College Board's methodology i.e. that the French IV Honors course presents modified AP themes that will be covered in greater depth in the AP French course (see description of AP course)." The course content is also comprised of an extensive grammar review as well as several additional grammar concepts.  The course is mostly conducted in French.

*French 4 Honors and AP French students are sometimes grouped together in one class and, for this reason, the units are rotated on a 2-year cycle. The specific resources are chosen based on the skill level of the students to whom they are assigned, allowing for differentiated instruction.
The units of study can last anywhere from 20 to 35 instructional days and can be taught in any sequence.