Warwick Middle School

PE Class Overview

Warwick Middle School

 Physical Education

Mrs. Wolf

Dress Code:

        Athletic Clothing

            Students should change both tops and bottoms to participate in class. Students should wear athletic bottoms (sweats, shorts, leggings), t-shirt(long or short sleeve) and sneakers. It is suggested that clothes that are worn for PE class not be worn while in regular classes for hygiene.

  1. A. COLD DAYS—you may wear sweatpants and sweatshirts
  2. B. Label your clothing if you feel it will be misplaced.
  3. C. Locks and Lockers will be assigned to each student


 Students are NOT REQUIRED to shower. (Having powder / deodorant in your locker or bookbag would be a bonus)


A. Observe all rules regarding classroom procedures and safety in both the gym and locker room.

B. Respect yourself and all classmates.

C. Cooperate and always give your best effort.




            Homework (assigned but not for grade)

            Measurement of Activity Level


Those not dressed for PE, but with appropriate shoes will be expected to fully participate.

Those WITHOUT appropriate shoes will not be permitted to participate in the regularly scheduled activity, an alternative activity will be provided. Any skill assignments/assessments missed due to not being able to participate will need to be made up at a time agreed upon by student and teacher. 

Missing PE Clothes/Sneakers: (per trimester period)

First time: Warning and teacher/student discussion after class.

Second time: Warning, teacher/student discussion, and parent communication.

Third time: Warning, teacher/student discussion, parent communication, lunch detention assigned.

Subsequent times: Discipline referrals and consequence from Administration.

PE Excuses:

  1. Parent/Guardian note/email (3 per trimester)
  2. Doctor note/email specific date of return to activity should be on excuse
  3. Nurses note/email if a student is feeling ill they may be sent to the nurses office. The nurse will determine level of illness and participation level.