Warwick Middle School

Health Class Overview

7th Grade Health


Mrs. Wolf



Period: ________________

This paper is designed to inform you of the course content and course expectations. THIS PAPER SHOULD BE PLACED AS THE COVER SHEET TO YOUR 3 PRONG REQUIRED FOLDER. (given to you in class) You will also need a basic set of colored pencils, basic set of colored markers, a pair of scissors, a highlighter, a ruler, and a glue stick. If a student has a need for assistance please come see me or email me (bwolf@warwicksd.org).

Health is a required course, which meets 1 Trimester for the year for 60 days.

As with other classes you are expected to:

                                                Arrive on Time: (you have 3 minutes between bells)

                                                Have your notebook and all materials.

                                                Be RESPECTFUL to all students and staff.

We will cover the following material: Self-Care/Skills for Life, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Reproductive System.

Grades are based on points acquired through tests, quizzes (announced), homework, and notebook quizzes. (Extra credit is given after every test). All homework is due on the assigned day by 3:15 pm. Late Homework will be accepted until the unit test for 50% credit. Re-tests are offered on every unit test. Those not achieving a 70% are expected to use Google Classroom/Moodle for remedial assistance, clarify questions with the teacher, and then take the re-test online.

Your presence is vital in class. You will realize that your notes are your best resource. All work missed must be made up promptly. If you are absent from class only one period for whatever reason, you will be expected to participate fully in the next class period. (This includes tests/quizzes/pre-assigned homework). I do not teach new material the day prior to a test, I only review prior material. Extended absences will be worked out on an individual basis. It is best to see me prior to the bell or at the end of class.  Google Classroom will connect you to Moodle. You will be logging in quite frequently. All copies of class materials are found here, along with study guides for each test. Your Google Calendar will be updated with all due dates.

 Please ask if you have questions.