Warwick School District

16 Students Featured in LCYA Art Show

We are excited to share that 16 of our students won a total of 32 awards in the Lancaster County Young Artists (LCYA) competition! Among these awards, many of our talented artists also won additional monetary awards from local businesses, artists, and art organizations.

All of the winning artwork will be on display for the month of March and the opening to the show and the awards distribution will take place on Friday, March 8th from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Lancaster Museum of Art (135 North Lime Street in Lancaster City). Congratulations to the following students:

Hadassah Frank - 12th Grade

  • Teapot (Ceramics) – Gold

  • Chain-Breaker (Ceramics) – Gold

Marissa Helderman - 12th Grade

  • Sgraffito Bowl (Ceramics) – Honorable Mention

  • Coil Vase (Ceramics) – Honorable Mention

Adriana Kolawa - 10th Grade

  • Oval Coil Pot (Ceramics) – Honorable Mention

Zoë Buchanan - 12th Grade

  • Bach Bach Bach (Ceramics) – Gold

Jada Zimmerman - 12th Grade

  • Greatest Love Story (Ceramics) – Honorable Mention

Emily Boltz - 10th Grade

  • Cat (Drawing) – Gold

Soren Brutout - 12th Grade

  • Lady Bug (Drawing) – Honorable Mention

Paola River-Perez - 12th Grade

  • Parque De Las Palomas (Mixed Media) – Honorable Mention

  • Strawberry Thoughts (Printmaking) – Gold

Maggie Turner - 12th Grade

  • Mandatory (Mixed Media) – Honorable Mention

  • STOP (Painting) – Honorable Mention

  • Exposure (Sculpture) – Honorable Mention

Kayla Weaver - 11th Grade

  • Drawn (Mixed Media) – Honorable Mention

Olha Kuptsova - 11th Grade

  • Reflections (Painting) – Honorable Mention

Hollyann Carzola - 12th Grade

  • Self-Portrait (Drawing) – Honorable Mention

  • Shadows (Painting) – Silver

  • Lily on a Crystal Lake (Painting) – Gold

  • Sunrise at Ocean City (Painting) – Honorable Mention

  • Twinkle (Painting) – Honorable Mention

  • Marin (Painting) – Gold

Sydney Weaver - 12th Grade

  • Into the Mountains (Painting) – Honorable Mention

  • Rest (Painting) – Silver

Jaylianis Santiago-Arlequin - 11th Grade

  • Pelican (Printmaking) – Silver

Isaak Westlund - 12th Grade

  • All of Me (Painting) – Silver

  • Illusion of Self (Printmaking) – Honorable Mention

  • Beauty Right in Front (Behind) You – Honorable Mention

  • Birth (Printmaking) – Silver

Aubrey Brown - 12th Grade

  • Colorado (Printmaking) – Honorable Mention

In addition to the above individual pieces, both Hollyann Carzola and Isaak Westlund submitted their portfolios and received Honorable Mentions for their work.

We hope you’ll take some time to check out the work of these incredible young artists!