Warwick School District

Tech Support

Warwick is dedicated to providing technical support to students and families while at home.  Our goal is to provide a continuity of education both in and out of our buildings.

Helpful Resources

Connecting at home
These steps are essential if you are having trouble connecting for the first time.

Printing at home

The Warwick Technology Department cannot support home printers but click on the link for resources that might be helpful. 

Using Google TakeOut

If you are leaving Warwick, these steps will help export all of your files so you can take them as you graduate or to another school if you are moving

Resources for T-Mobile Hotspots
Troubleshooting WI-FI Hotspots

If you are having issues with Warwick Technology services or devices, please reach out via email or our tech support form.  We are a small team supporting many devices but will get back to you as soon as possible.
email:  support@warwicksd.org
Online Form: *Preferred on Flexible Instruction Days