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Pre-school Resources - Plant/Grow the Seed of Learning

Plant the Seed of Learning / Grow the Seed of Learning

Warwick School District is proud to join a number of school districts in the Lancaster/Lebanon area to support the growth of young children as they move through key areas of development from birth to the age of four.  Plant the Seed of Learning (Birth to Two Years of Age) and Grow the Seed of Learning (Two Years of Age to Four Years of Age) was designed with the following mission: "We educate and support parents prior to their child’s entrance to kindergarten about medical and academic milestones. As a collective, we link collaborative efforts among school districts, early learning centers, and local hospital medical professionals in order to support systemic change.”  In doing so, these organizations aim to have 100% of children ready for kindergarten.

Free events are hosted in a number of convenient locations.  Children and their families will engage in a short learning session (approximately 10 minutes) and then spend the remainder of the hour engaged in play-based learning centers focused on a specific theme.  All participants will leave with an educational toy that will allow families to continue the learning at home.  While all events are free, advanced registration is required.  Please go to the link below to register for an upcoming session:


Should you have any questions, please contact Warwick School District’s Plant the Seed/Grow the Seed team members:

  - Mr. Heriberto Cordero - Kissel Hill Elementary Principal - hcordero@warwicksd.org
  - Dr. Lindsey Stock - Director of Elementary Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment - lstock@warwicksd.org