Warwick High School

Advanced Seminar

Advanced Seminar – 1 creditor .5 (weighted course)

5/wk – Semester or Year - Grade 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: Identified gifted or teacher approval In this course, students will participate in a variety of long-term projects of their own design. Students will develop team-oriented or individual projects, which may include but are not limited to National History Day, Scholastic Writing, Continental Math League, academic Olympiads and other competitions. Students can be involved in individualized learning. A high level of commitment to individualized work is necessary. Accelerated study is also possible with instructor approval. Students work closely with the instructor to develop rigorous goals, a realistic timeline, and an in-depth final product. Students must also complete additional reading and writing requirements. Students enrolled in this course must demonstrate a high level of self-directed learning and active participation to produce high-quality work.