Warwick High School

Gifted Programming

The Warwick High School Gifted Program, DIRECTIONS, allows for the unique diversity and range of talents that students have begun to develop by the high school level. Academically, there are challenges in all grade levels in all disciplines. Additionally, the DIRECTIONS program presents a number of enrichment and career exploration opportunities.

Secondary Enrichment Experience (SEE), a series of one-day, hands-on enrichment activities exploring topics that range from archaeology and criminal investigation techniques to history, journalism, math, the sciences, and the arts.

  • Lunch-time seminars on a variety of topics. Students can explore options for now and post-high school.
  • Independent study options through the Advanced Seminar course.
  • Study skills and organization seminars.
  • Reading groups and career-oriented clubs
  • Academic competitions, including Quiz Bowl, KMO, JETS, Science Olympics, and Mock Trial.
  • Opportunities to connect with intellectual peers.
The DIRECTIONS program is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore all the “directions” in which they wish to go.