Warwick School District

Substitute Classroom Support Staff/Paraprofessionals

Location: Warwick School District

Job Type: Support Staff


Position Summary
An instructional assistant/paraprofessional is an individual who is non-certified in the area in which they are assisting (even though he/she may be licensed or certified in a profession or a technical field) who aids a certified professional in a team approach, to the performance of the certified professional’s assigned program responsibilities.  Submit an application at https://www.thesubservice.com/. 

Position Summary
Proof of a high school diploma or higher education

Job Duties
Day-to-day job duties of an instructional assistant/paraprofessional are determined by the classroom teacher or his/her designee, as they may vary depending upon the changing needs of the classroom(s), student(s), and/or school district. Instructional assistants/paraprofessionals of any capacity are subject to daily reassignment, depending on the needs of the day. The instructional assistant/paraprofessional must comply with the duties outlined by their superior.

Applications Accepted Until The Position Is Filled.