Warwick School District

Substitute Teachers

Location: Warwick School District

Job Type: Instructional


Position Summary

A substitute teacher is an individual who, in the absence of the classroom teacher, is responsible for providing instruction and managing the learning environment. The substitute teacher reports to the principal or designee at the location to which they are assigned.  Submit an application at https://www.thesubservice.com/.

Pay Rates

  • Day-to-Day - $145 per day
  • 31+ Consecutive Days, Same Assignment - $245 per day
  • Designated District Sub - $185 per day


A valid Pennsylvania Teaching Certification, PA Emergency Certification or Letter of Completion or a Bachelors degree with successful completion of the STS/IU13 Guest Teacher/Emergency Certification Program

Note: You may not exceed 180 working days in a school year with an Inactive Teaching Certificate

Job Duties
Day to day job duties of a substitute teacher are determined by the classroom teacher or his/her designee, as they may vary depending upon the changing needs of the classroom(s), student(s), and/or school district. Substitute teachers of any capacity are subject to daily reassignment, depending on the needs of the day. The substitute teacher must comply with the duties outlined by the classroom teacher, principal or designee.  As a substitute teacher, you will be responsible for carrying out the lesson plans of the regularly appointed teacher for whom you would be substituting.  Your goal will be to adhere to the learning environment that would exist if the regular teacher were in the classroom.

Applications Accepted Until The Position Is Filled.