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Recorder Information

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All 3rd grade students learn how to play the recorder.  Please see the Recorder Order Form below for additional information.

If you want to learn a new recorder note, click on the following link:

Recorder Fingering Chart

Recorder Order Form


Dear Parents:

This semester your third grader will be introduced to the recorder, as part of the third grade music curriculum.  We have arranged for the students to purchase their own instrument with a case, at a cost of $5.05.  I feel that when the student owns his or her instrument, more responsibility and care of the instrument will be shown as well as an increased interest, not to mention the sanitation and the health aspect. 

If you would like to purchase your own recorder I would suggest purchasing a Yamaha recorder.  The recorders that you find at discount stores are not often a good quality and may prevent your child from having a successful first experience on their new instrument.  The dollar store recorders sound very different than a real instrument!  

 If your child has a recorder from an older sibling they do not need to purchase a new recorder.  Please have your child bring in the recorder for me to make sure that it is still in good playing condition. 

Please detach the form below, and send it back to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday September 30th.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at school.  We hope to show you some of the students’ accomplishments in a future program.

Your music teacher,

Mrs. Horton

Return Form to Homeroom Teac
____ Enclosed is $5.05 for the purchase of a recorder.

____We own a recorder and will bring it in to Mrs. Horton to have it checked for playability. 

Student’s Name __________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher ______________________________________