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About Student Services

Welcome to the Warwick School District Website and the Student Services Department. The Student Services Department assists in providing services and supports for our students and their educational teams, including parents. This department is comprised of both professional and support staff whose responsibility it is to ensure an appropriate school program for every child.


Student Services consists of learning facilitators, school counselors, school psychologists, speech therapists, school nurses, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist and a home and school visitor who assist students during their educational experience. Each professional has a master’s degree and state certification in their area of specialization. In addition, our department includes learning support teachers and intervention specialists who assist with meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of students.  


At the elementary level, learning facilitators coordinate academic, social, and behavioral health interventions for all students.  At the secondary level, school counselors provide consultation, counseling, and educational services related to academic achievement, career development, and child social/emotional development. School psychologist services are available for consultation and student evaluation related to behavioral and academic concerns. School nurses administer state regulations related to student health, provide consultation to parents, students, and staff about health issues and provide emergency care as needed during the school day. In addition, a home and school visitor serves as a liaison between parents, staff, and community agencies.


Student assistance teams that consist of trained staff members identify students whose behaviors create barriers to learning through the Student Assistance Program (SAP). They work with parents, staff, and community agencies to assist students in removing those barriers. Referrals may be made through the learning facilitator/school counselor, building principal, school nurse, home and school visitor, or other SAP team member.

At all levels, the buildings support staff consists of Special Program Assistants as well as Student Support Personnel. These staff members are placed in programs and with students who have demonstrated a need for additional academic and/or behavioral support.

The Student Services Department strives to design special programs and services that will give all students the chance that they deserve to achieve success.

If you have any questions, please contact:

 Assistant Superintendent:

- Dr. Melanie M. Calender - 717-626-3734, x3733