Warwick School District

Elementary 3rd Grade Field Trip

At the end of May, all four of our elementary school 3rd grade classes went on a field trip to the Landis Valley Museum. This field trip included the following classes: Mrs. Patty Appel (LE), Mrs. Megan Kunkle (LE), Mrs. Megan Obetz (LE), Mrs. Erin Ruscigno (KH), Mr. Dan Weidman (KH), Mrs. Ashlee Woolley (KH), Miss Erin Myers (KH), Mrs. Beth Chadwick (JRB), Miss Ashley Landers (JRB), Mrs. Brooke Rhoads (JRB), Mrs. Courtney Ansel (JB), Mr. Mitchel Billek (JB), and Mrs. Hannah Edwards (JB).

During this field trip, students were able to tour several workshops and create hands-on crafts.

Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to explore the living history museum as they experienced the Pennsylvania German Village that was set between 1750 - 1940.

Students participated in multiple scheduled sessions which included farm chores, a visit to the schoolhouse, a historic craft, wool making, archeology, and a scavenger hunt throughout the village. They could also tour other parts of the village which included a blacksmith, general store, and much more!

This field trip was a great way to learn and wrap-up their social studies unit on communities and early settlers. Students were able to bring what they had learned about Pennsylvania history in the social studies curriculum to life.

Our students particularly enjoyed searching for clues as they participated in the "Where's Wasser Scavenger Hunt" around the property. The enthusiasm all of the students had to share in a learning experience together is wonderful to see. They couldn't wait to spend the day in a setting like this together.

Check out some photos from the day!