Warwick School District

Officer Wolfe’s Lunch Box Giveaway!

Throughout the month of April, Officer Ken Wolfe organized a food drive at our four elementary schools (Kissel Hill, Lititz El, JR Bonfield, and John Beck) where students had the chance to win his infamous police car lunch box and gift cards.

After announcing his retirement at the end of this school year, students began to ask Officer Wolfe what he was going to do with his lunch box and if they could have it. Before he knew it, he had a plethora of requests for the lunch box and wanted to use all of that excitement to do something good. He decided to hold a food drive throughout the month of April at each of the elementary schools. Students were able to bring in as many or as few cans as they wanted throughout the month to contribute to the food drive. Canned goods were treated like raffle tickets, so the more canned items a student brought in, the higher his or her chances were to have their can picked for the drawing.

Each school had their own collection bin and were ‘competing’ against each other. Whichever school collected the most cans would be in the running for the police lunch box. In addition to the lunch box drawing, the remaining three schools would each have one student win a gift card.

In total, the food drive resulted in 621 cans and other miscellaneous items donated. John Beck brought in 187 cans, Lititz Elementary brought in 163 cans, Bonfield brought in 143 cans, and Kissel Hill brought in 128 cans.

On May 9th, after all of the cans had been counted, Dr. Hershey randomly picked a can from each of the four elementary collection buckets and the student whose name was on that canned good won.

The following students had the winning canned good:

Lunch box Winner: Jayden Weaver (JB)

Gift Card Winner: Jocelyn Miller (KH)

Gift Card Winner: Hannah Heintzelman (LE)

Gift Card Winner: Travis Desimone (JRB)

Thank you to all the students and staff who made donations and a huge thank you to Officer Wolfe for organizing and donating his beloved police car lunch box!