Warwick School District

WHS Presents 'It's a Wonderful Life' Radio Show

Warwick performing arts is proud to present the radio version of,  "It's a Wonderful Life."  The radio show will be available to live steam Wednesday December 23rd through Thursday, December 24th. Once clicking the link to the show, viewers will be asked to create an account.  

It's a Wonderful Life Radio Show 

Cast includes: Bryce Pfeiff: George Bailey

Angela Cardischi: Mary Hatch Bailey, Stage Manager 

Dale Rose Day: Clarence Oddbody

Aaron Dickinson: Freddie Filmore,

Zandaisha Louissaint: Giuseppe Martini, Cop, Mr. Potter, Mr. Gower

Foster Shrom: Bill Bailey, Pete Bailey (son), Bert, Nick

Hailey Smith: Joseph, Rose Bailey, 

Zachary Flaiz: Ernie, Sam Wainwright, Peter Bailey (father), Harry Bailey (young and old), Old Man Collins, Man

Elise Donovan: Violet, Mrs. Hatch, Young Violet, Tommy Bailey, Dr. Campbell (at board meeting), 

Carly Evans: Ruth Dakin Bailey, Ed (bank run), Zuzu Bailey, Very Young George Bailey, Bridgekeeper 

Ava Fackler: Mrs. Thompson (bank run),Young Mary, Janie Bailey, Young Boy, Bank Teller (Hortence), Sherriff,

Jonathan Hackett: Mr. Welch, Binky, Charlie

Ashley Snyder: Matilda

Audio Editor: Matt Jerchau

Director: Connie Hilliar

Assistant Director:Taylor Cole

Student Assistant Director: Aaron Dickinson

"While most of the world is on lockdown due to COVID, I wanted to take us back to simpler times when families gathered around the radio to listen to the long-awaited renditions of their favorite Christmas shows," said Connie Hilliar, the director of the show.  "This show is in celebration of not only the season but also serves as a reminder of happier times when we could feel more connected as a community. Creating a radio show provided our students with an opportunity to perform for an audience while following the guidelines set by the state. Theaters and their performers are resilient, creative people who find innovative ways to keep the arts alive. So now you can enjoy the show while driving home from work or while sitting at home in your comfy clothes."

May everyone had a safe and a wonderful holiday.