Warwick School District

Extracurricular & Spectator Information for Events held at Warwick

Warwick School District Spectator Plan, updated 10/6/2020

Based on the changing rules surrounding spectators at athletic events, Warwick School District has updated our plan to comply with new guidance Governor Wolf shared this morning at 10:30 a.m.

Our first priority continues to be for our student athletes, cheerleaders and musicians to be able to participate, followed by allowing participant’s family members to spectate as space allows. These changes will go into effect on Friday, October 9th, 2020. Plan updates are noted in red. 

Warwick School District is extremely grateful to be holding face to face learning and extracurricular activities for our students. As you are well aware, all of the planning and work that has allowed this to happen has been done according to our health and safety plans, which follow mandates, orders, and guidance from the governor, the departments of health and education, the CDC, and in consultation with Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine. Since the start of the pandemic in March, our district has committed to the following priorities in all of our planning:

  • Protect the health, safety and well being of students, staff and families

  • Provide nutrition for all students

  • Provide educational opportunities that are reasonable, equitable, and take into account the variety of dynamics in every household whether instruction is happening face to face or virtually

  • Provide clear communication and links to resources and information for our families and greater community

  • Provide safe facilities (physical, emotional and academic) for students and staff to engage appropriately with educational activities  

These priorities for safety extend to our community, which is why, for safety reasons, our campuses remain closed to visitors and members of the public except by appointment or invitation to a specific event.

In order to hold these events in a safe and orderly manner, we are going to need the cooperation of parents, families and invited guests to prevent the delay or cancellation of events, sanctioning of teams or the school district and its personnel. Thank you in advance for your willingness to work together with us to provide safe venues for our student athletes and musicians to participate in their seasons.

Following are the parameters for events held at Warwick School District facilities:

  • All LL League school districts have agreed to livestream all senior high football and girls volleyball, and other athletic events as they are able.

  • Everyone attending the sporting event, including coaches, officials, athletes on the sidelines, staff, and spectators, age 2 and older must wear face coverings (masks or face shields), unless they are outdoors and can consistently maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.  Facial coverings must be worn while entering/exiting or moving around the outdoor facility.

  • Due to staffing constraints, we prefer not having to be the “face covering or social distancing police.” However, attendance at any event is subject to appropriate behavior and adherence to our health and safety plans. In order to avoid any issues or confrontations related to this issue, we ask that you please adhere to these guidelines in order to protect the health and safety of all participants. Anyone who refuses to adhere to our guidelines will be asked to leave. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

  • Athletes are not required to wear face coverings while actively engaged in workouts and competition that prevent the wearing of face coverings, but must wear face coverings when on the sidelines, in the dugout, etc. and anytime 6 feet of social distancing is not possible.

  • The governor provided new calculations for extracurricular events:

    • Maximum Occupancy Calculator for indoor events: 

      Maximum Occupancy / Allowable Indoor Rate  

      0-2,000 people / 20% of Maximum Occupancy 

      2,001 - 10,000 people / 15% of Maximum Occupancy 

      Over 10,000 people / 10% of Maximum Occupancy up to 3,750 people

    • Maximum Occupancy Calculator for outdoor events: 

      Maximum Occupancy / Allowable Outdoor Rate  

      0-2,000 people  / 25% of Maximum Occupancy 

      2,001 - 10,000 people / 20% of Maximum Occupancy 

      Over 10,000 people / 15% of Maximum Occupancy up to 7,500 people 

  • These new calculations will once again alter our spectator plans.  Our updated plan for volleyball expands spectators from any of our previous plans.  Our updated plan for football reverts to our last plan.  Please see the details below:

    • At Warwick, our large high school gym maximum occupancy is 2000.

      This translates to 400 total people permitted in the gym.  Based on attendance trends for volleyball, we do not anticipate exceeding 400 total people in the gym.  Therefore, spectators may attend without tickets.  

    • At Warwick, our Grosh field stadium maximum occupancy is 2900.

      This translates to 580 total people permitted in the stadium.  Subtracting the participants in the football game scheduled for October 23rd, 2020 (football players, staff, cheerleaders and band), we are able to allow for 4 invited guests for each home football player and cheerleader, and 2 invited guests for each visiting football player.  Our band parents will watch their students perform pregame and exit the stadium. The band will remain for the game.  This reverts to the plan we used for our football game against Manheim Central.  The stricter guidance we shared yesterday is no longer applicable.

      For field hockey and soccer events held in the stadium, we do not anticipate exceeding 580 total people in the stadium. All attendees must wear a face covering when entering, exiting or moving around the stadium, and at least 6 feet of social distance from anyone not in your immediate family.  Warwick students will be permitted to attend, however, unless they are sitting with their immediate family, they will be required to sit in a designated student area so that we are able to ensure social distancing is occurring.  Students must remain in their seats during the event unless using the restroom.

  • In order to prevent potential community spread, at no time shall invited guests approach any student participants, staff members or invited guests from visiting teams before, during or after an event.  

  • There will be no general admission for fall athletic events.  Attendance at these events is for student participants, their families and staff members only.

  • For outdoor events not held in the gated stadium, both home and visiting spectators are permitted as long as everyone adheres to the social distancing and face covering guidance.

  • At Warwick School District our focus always has been and always will be on our students. We know that attendance at these events by our student section is an important part of our school experience, however, in order to accommodate families, we are unable to accommodate a student section on campus at this time.

  • Due to heavy restrictions on food service, there will be no concessions this year.

  • Warwick School District will not be allowing additional uninvited visitors or spectators on school property during these events. Parking lots will be closed to anyone outside those participating in the event. No spectators will be permitted in the gym lobby, outside the gym doors, in school parking lots, outside the gated stadium area, along the fence, or on campus drive. We encourage fans who want to view the events to take advantage of our live streaming option.

  • Other school districts may have other rules and limits for spectators in place. Please be sure you understand the rules at other school district’s events should you choose to be a spectator at an away event when permitted. 

  • Warwick School District will not charge admission fees for fall events this year.

  • Further guidance on logistics will be provided to athletes and their families by the athletic department. You may contact that office with questions at (717) 626-3734 ex. (3790).