Warwick School District

Warwick School Board Approves 2020-2021 Budget with Zero Tax Increase

LITITZ, PA — On Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 the Warwick School Board of Directors approved the final adoption of the 2020-2021 general fund budget in the amount of $75,505,927.  The budget does not include any tax increase and keeps the millage rate set at 16.3711.  

The tax freeze for 2020-21 represents the third year in a row where Warwick School District has had the lowest increase in the county. In 2018, Warwick had the lowest tax increase by a half of percent, and in 2019, was the only school district with a zero percent tax increase in all of Lancaster county.

“The final 2020-21 budget presented some major challenges due to decreased revenues caused by the impact of COVID-19, but the district has worked hard in recent years to put itself in a strong financial position to weather the storm,” stated Mr. Nathan Wertsch, Chief Financial Officer for Warwick School District. 

With the top priorities being to have little to no impact to students, programs, or staff, in conjunction with having no tax increase to taxpayers, the district utilized a number of strategies to mitigate the deficit. 

“Despite the current dire economic situation, Warwick School District is pleased to be able to pass a budget without adding an additional burden to our taxpayers.  Through careful financial planning over the years, Warwick has gone from deficit to balanced budgets, always being mindful of the community we love and serve,” stated Superintendent Dr. April Hershey. 

As noted in Tuesday night’s board meeting, the final budget does not include any of the CARES and Health and Safety grants, which was recently learned after the state passed its budget. As we look at our health and safety plan regarding COVID, any incremental cost that will need to be spent getting the facilities prepared with staffing, technology, and cleaning, will not affect the general fund budget going into next year. These grants will help to offset additional expenses regarding the current pandemic.