Warwick School District

Warwick School District Statement

Based on the tragic and heartbreaking events our country has experienced in recent weeks, Warwick School District makes the following statement:

The Warwick School District board of school directors, administration, faculty and staff are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment to every student and family member in our community. Our district is unwavering in addressing any form of racism, discrimination, bullying, or harassment experienced by anyone in our school system. To be clear: discrimination of any kind is not only morally reprehensible, it is also unlawful under civil rights laws. Our staff is so invested in this area that we have participated in professional learning on equity and bias over many years, including during the 2019/2020 school year. We continue to reflect and examine multiple sources of data to ensure that all students and members of our school community are treated with dignity and respect. We remain committed to growth in this area, investing in training and development, the use of outside resources, and in nurturing relationships with our students, encouraging them to share their voices so that we are able to address any concerns swiftly.

Our motto, Knowledge, Skills, Values captures our sincere desire to provide students with an environment where they can explore and and experience a wide variety of opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics and altruism. Our district provides experiences which promote the 4 C’s of 21st Century learning: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking; skills necessary for any student to be successful following whatever path they choose. In today’s world, civil communication, including deep listening and respect for opposing viewpoints is a lost art, and one we feel responsible to continue to teach, grow and inspire.

We are also committed to providing opportunities for students to demonstrate altruism in service to and concern for others, where we invest in learning about relationships, respect and kindness in a way that understands and values our differences. We want every student in our district to know that they belong, are valued and respected, and that they have a voice. On the whole, it is our students who have much to teach adults in this area.

Warwick School District is a learning institution. We continue to research, listen, and reflect on all of our practices so that we are able to serve our students and their families with integrity and respect. It is in this spirit that we will continue to support our students in navigating the complexities of our world.