Warwick School District

Warwick School District Receives $400k+ in School Safety Grants

Lititz, PA — On Thursday, February 28th the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency announced their School Safety and Security Grants, $53.7 million in school safety, $7.5 million in community violence prevention/reduction grants. 

Warwick School District was awarded a portion of the grant funding by the School Safety and Security Committee in the amount of $489,539.  

Projects were required to support eligible categories/activities that fall under Section 1306-B of the Public School Code of 1949 which includes performing school safety assessments; purchasing security-related technology and equipment supporting school safety-related and behavioral-health training; hiring school resource officers, school police officers, providing for trauma-informed approaches to education and more.  For the community violence prevention/reduction grants, eligibility to apply included programs designed to reduce community violence, including increasing access to trauma-informed support services and behavioral health care, providing health services and intervention strategies, providing mentoring and other intervention models, and fostering communication between school entities, their community, and law enforcement. 

“Warwick School District is committed to the safety, security, and well-being of our students and staff. We know that in order to achieve this, a multi-faceted approach is necessary, including training and professional development, personnel, as well as equipment and supplies.  To that end, we continually seek grants and outside funding sources to provide additional resources to our schools,” stated Dr. April Hershey, Superintendent of the Warwick School District. “We are pleased to announce our award from PCCD for $489,539.” 

This generous grant will provide for the following: 

  • Full-time behavioral specialist
  • Second school police officer
  • School police vehicle
  • Part-time social worker
  • Additional cameras, hardware, and software for safety
  • Funding for the youth court initiative at the secondary level

“Congratulations to our leadership team, led by Dr. Ryan Axe for the planning and preparation of these grant materials.  We look forward to using these resources to strengthen our programs for our students and staff,” said Hershey. 

The funding from the grants and positions added will help the Warwick School District increase the support of students as they learn how to appropriately engage with peers, express emotions and feelings, self-advocate, interact with staff and navigate their behaviors and choices.  

“The purpose of this grant is to address the student needs our team observes based on mental health and wellness, support of their life circumstances, and giving them the resources that will allow them to be successful. We intend to increase our span of services and outreach in all facets in order to treat the whole student,” stated Dr. Ryan Axe, Director of Secondary Education at Warwick. 

The funding will also give the district the ability to add even more layers of safety and security across our campuses. 

For more information about the Committee and the School Safety and Security Grant Program, please see PCCD's School Safety and Security webpage at https://www.pccd.pa.gov/schoolsafety/Pages/default.aspx.