Warwick School District

‘Operation Lock It Up, It’s Mine’ Kicks Off at Elementary Schools

During his daily rounds to the elementary schools, Warwick’s School Resource Officer Ken Wolfe began to notice numerous bike racks without locks on them.  Wanting to figure out a way to keep bikes properly safe and locked, Officer Wolfe decided to start the “Operation Lock It Up, It’s Mine” initiative, a hassle-free way for students to get bike locks and helmets if they needed them. Officer Wolfe found someone willing to help, local State Farm Insurance Agent Mark Hough, a Lititz resident, and Warwick Girls’ Softball Coach, generously donated all helmets and bike locks.

Any elementary student that is in need of a bike lock or helmet, are encouraged to get in touch with Officer Wolfe or their building principal.  Small, medium and large helmets are available.  

“The goal of this initiative was to have all our students’ bikes locked up and stored on the bike racks, while also encouraging bike safety, security, and responsibility,” stated Officer Wolfe. 

Each year the elementary schools hold the Bike Rodeo event which assists in educating students on taking care of their bikes and being safe while riding them.  Officer Wolfe hopes this initiative serves as a reminder for students to take care of their bikes but also staying safe by wearing helmets. 

As part of “Operation Lock It Up, It’s Mine” Officer Wolfe will also work with students to get their bikes registered with the Lititz Borough Police that way if their bike goes missing it can easily be found and returned to the proper owner.