Warwick School District

John Beck Elementary Holds Annual 6th-Grade Egg Drop

The John Beck Elementary sixth-grade class recently completed their egg drop tests. Students were divided into groups where they constructed contraptions to hold an egg.

Starting with 20 groups total, the projects were dropped from 25 feet to 50 feet and finally 100 feet in the air with the help of the Lititz Fire Company.  

There were 16 groups who qualified for the 100-foot egg drop, and out of those groups, 13 eggs had survived the plunge. 

“This project-based learning activity, allowed sixth-grade students to put their knowledge to the true test because they had to think about things like acceleration, velocity, air resistance, Newton's Laws of Motion, and gravity. It was a great, hands-on, connection to their learning in the classroom and allowed them to creatively collaborate with their peers. Having the Lititz Fire Company here provided even more excitement and I'm hopeful that this is something they will remember forever,” stated Allison Bernstein, sixth-grade teacher at John Beck Elementary.

A big thanks to Lititz firefighters Mike Michael, Matt Stevenson, Duane Ober and Mike Smith for bringing out their ladder truck to help with the egg drops.