Warwick School District

Award-winning Author Avi Visits Warwick Schools

Warwick had a special guest visit each of the buildings as part of the One School, One Book initiative.  This year’s book was “Poppy” written by the award-winning author, Avi. Thanks to the Warwick Education Foundation for providing the means to bring this author in to speak to the students.

Each school had a visit from the author which involved a presentation followed by a question and answer session.  

Avi spoke about his childhood, where he gets his inspiration from for his novels, the publishing process and more.  Avi has penned over 80 novels during the course of his career, including Newbery award winning books like “Crispin” and “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.” Students got a glimpse into what life is like as a writer. Avi’s advice to those who want to become better at writing, constantly read. He expressed that reading is what helps a writer to become better at the craft.  

One student at the high school said this of Avi’s visit to their creative writing class, "We should always be writing and reading,and that you can't be a writer without also being a reader."  While speaking to the high school class Avi discussed the physiological effects of writing for a living, and how he swims a mile every morning to keep in shape for sitting and writing all day.  He shared with the students that his favorite book, all the time, is whichever one he's currently working on.  He expressed the importance of revisions in professional writing and he will revise a books 70 - 80 times before the publisher accepts them.  The high school students appreciated the fact that Avi didn't describe writing in "romantic" terms, as if it's a playful, fun occupation, but rather one that takes great self-discipline and hard work.  

“This was an excellent opportunity for students in the elementary schools, to the middle school, and the high school to experience one of the most prolific and acclaimed intermediate and young adult novelist of our time,” stated Mrs. Patti Lapp, sixth-grade teacher at Lititz Elementary.  

He shared with the elementary students that he was working on another “Poppy” book which they all seemed to be very excited about.