Warwick School District

Important Message from Superintendent, Dr. April Hershey

A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY AND TWO WARWICKS - an original message that was shared on the Warwick Facebook page: 

At some point during Tuesday night's news cycle, a story about lunch shaming in the Warwick, RHODE ISLAND School District went viral. To clarify, this is the Facebook page of Warwick School District in LITITZ, PENNSYLVANIA. We are not the subject of that viral news story.

A few points for anyone who is interested:

1. Our Warwick School District here in Lititz, PA is committed to ensuring that every child has a healthy lunch every day. Our food and nutrition services department works closely with our families to make sure they have all the resources they need. Our administration, teachers and staff regularly hold fundraisers to pay off overdue lunch accounts. We have a community angel who also contributes to overdue accounts every year. We have board policy that guides us in all of this. We agree that lunch shaming is a a terrible practice.

2. This is not the first time we have received calls, emails or messages via social media directed at the Warwick Rhode Island School District. For that reason, earlier this year, we actually changed the title of this page to include our location: Lititz, PA in the hope that people would see who and where we are. As our teachers would instruct, it's important to read information carefully and critically, whether you are reading a news article or the title of a Facebook page.

3. Some of the messages we received last night were vitriolic and filled with inappropriate language. While we understand the strong feelings about this important topic, we feel it's important to remember that we should work hard to treat others with respect, even when we may disagree about a topic. To clarify, we don't disagree about this one! What happened here is an unfortunate symptom of our fast paced, media filled world.

As always, if those of you in our community have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Dr. April M. Hershey