Warwick School District

Classrooms Across the District Celebrate ‘Hour of Code’

Recently, classrooms across the district celebrated an Hour of Code by participating in various computer science related activities.  

Hour of Code is a national and worldwide effort to celebrate computer science and takes place during Computer Science Education Week in the month of December. Various Hour of Code events happens year round as well.  What started as a one-hour introduction to computer science with hopes to demystify “code,” Hour of Code shows that it’s very easy for anyone to learn the basics of coding. Since Warwick has introduced coding to each of the six buildings, this event has become even more popular across the district.

At John Beck Elementary, 4th-grade students in Mrs. Schieber’s class participated in a video webinar. Students got to ask questions directly to coders. They gained more insight into what to do when they can’t solve a certain problem while coding.  The coders they were chatting with explained the importance of collaborating with others and always ask for help if you get stuck.

Students in Mrs. Morell and Mrs. Smeltz’s classrooms at John R. Bonfield Elementary started their Code.org courses while students at Kissel Hill coded dance moves and a Tech Warrior Hour of Code dance party.  

Over at Lititz Elementary students in Mr. White’s 6th-grade classroom coded with the Grinch.  They were successfully able to use an algorithm to capture the missing presents and saved Christmas in Whoville.

Mr. Olshan’s class at the middle school researched professions that incorporated coding and Computer Science.  Students practiced javascript with “Counter Hack,” “CodeCombat,” and “Tynker.”

In Mr. Wile’s Computer Science class at the high school, students had the opportunity to program physical devices to complete obstacles, puzzles, and more. In addition, fresh coding activities, board games, and augmented reality activities were available for students to interact with.

“Implementing Computer Science activities into our K-12 classrooms helps provide our students with opportunities to be creative and to think critically. Coding instills persistence and is a fun way for students to problem solve,” stated Mrs. Shelly Chmil, technology integration coach for the Warwick School District.