Warwick School District

Warwick's Comprehensive Plan is Available For Public Feedback

Warwick School District has updated the Comprehensive Plan.  Pennsylvania Department of Education defines Comprehensive Planning as and opportunity to, "facilitate communication and collaboration, promote shared practices and resources, and ensure that every stakeholder is working toward common goals". The updated plan is our continued commitment to improving our programs for all students.  Warwick School District's comprehensive plan will be submitted to the PA Department of Education in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandate.

Prior to board approval in October of 2018, we are seeking community input on our updated plan.   

The plan will be posted for 28 days and will be available in the Lititz Public Library and in the District Office for review.  If you have feedback on the plan, feel free to send it to this email address: wsd@warwicksd.org

Warwick School District is proud of the achievements of our students as well as the support of our community.

Please view the comprehensive plan here.