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Warwick Welcomes New Staff for 2018-2019 School Year

Warwick Welcomes New Staff for 2018-2019 School Year

The Warwick School District would like to officially welcome all of our new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year.  

Last week, they participated in a two-day orientation where district administrators presented on a variety of topics.  Warwick’s new staff spent lots of time learning about district programs, protocols, procedures and more.  For the first time, the new staff members got a tour of the district where they were able to see each of the six buildings within the district.  

“We had 21 new professional staff in attendance for the orientation.  This is the first time our new staff had a tour of the district and were able to visit all six buildings.  They got to see the district as a whole, and recognize their part in contributing to the Warwick student” stated Dr. Ron Hallett, Director of Instruction and Curriculum for Warwick.  

Dr. Hallett continued on by saying, “It’s exciting to see the energy that each of these staff members brings to the district.  I’m confident that they will have a tremendous impact on the lives our students.”  

Warwick would like to welcome the following staff members: 

John Beck Elementary:

Linnea Martin - Gifted Support Teacher

Holly Kellum - 2nd grade, Long Term Substitute 

Eric Myers - 5th grade, Long Term Substitute 

John R. Bonfield Elementary: 

Ashley Weaver - Emotional Support 

Mallory Carcia - Psychologist 

Jen Fry - Librarian 

Kissel Hill Elementary: 

Jackie Hess - 5th Grade

Beth Kefer - Librarian

Kristen Peterson - Reading Specialist, Long Term Substitute 

Rebecca Lewis - Autistic Support 

Lititz Elementary: 

Shanna Irish-Fyke - Intervention Specialist 

Warwick Middle School: 

Brian Aloisio - Business Education 

Maribeth Johnson - Guidance 

Andy Chacon - Autistic Support 

Warwick High School: 

Brian Pearson - Social Studies

Kathryn Sutcliffe - Math 

Dalton Patterson - Science, Long Term Substitute


Allison Hausman - Occupational Therapist

Amanda Cash - Behavioral Specialist   

The district would like to wish them all the best in their new positions.  Have a wonderful school year.