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Warwick Intern Spotlight: Lexi Geib & Spencer Nauman

Warwick Intern Spotlight: Lexi Geib & Spencer Nauman

It started out as just an interest in coding from Mr. Jeff Wile’s class, but recent Warwick graduates Lexi Geib and Spencer Nauman realized they had a lot more opportunity to pursue this as a career option than they originally thought. Spencer took AP computer science his senior year, and really learned coding from the ground up thanks to Mr. Wile. Once they got the basics nailed down, they were able to move on to more advanced stuff.  

This past semester both students took advantage of Warwick’s Internship Program when they worked with local music giant, Clair Global. Lexi and Spencer served as programming interns working on various projects for some big-name artists.  The students got to use their coding skills each day of their internship with Clair.  Coding and programming continue to evolve with more and more companies looking for this set of skills in new employees.  

“This was a really good opportunity to see what goes on at Clair Global,” stated Lexi, on why she decided to pursue the internship. “I was really hoping to gain some valuable work experience before heading off to college. There’s stuff we were doing at Clair that we didn’t learn in school, but class really gave us a good starting point.”  

For Spencer, this internship was more about getting experience in the direct field he wanted to pursue. “It’s a good experience and a great opportunity for the future. It’s giving us a head start to what we would be learning in college.” Spencer plans to attend Thaddeus Stevens University in the fall where he’ll major in computer software engineering.  

Lexi will attend Slippery Rock University where she’ll major in computer science.  

Thanks to both Mr. Wile’s computer science class and Warwick’s internship program they are definitely prepared for their next step.