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Warwick Intern Spotlight: Steven Seepaul

Warwick Intern Spotlight: Steven Seepaul

This past spring was the fourth year of the Warwick High School Internship Program. Various high school seniors have really taken advantage of this incredible opportunity to get a real-world working experience. One of these students happens to be Steven Seepaul. 

Steven had the opportunity to spend the spring semester before graduation interning with local digital marketing firm Listrak, located right here in Lititz. While the company primarily targets cross-channel digital marketing and automation for its clients, Steven got to understand the Technical Strategy/Professional Services side of the company. He was able to learn and piece together different strategies to customize and personalize a shopping experience for one of Listrak’s major clients. Steven stated that they really taught him all the ingredients of what goes into doing this type of digital marketing for a retailer and how to get in touch with the customers. 

Steven stressed the importance of understanding the professional work environment. He said, “the atmosphere is very different from school.” He’s also been able to hone in on his own communication skills explaining that it’s been extremely beneficial to understand how a real office setting works. “This experience has been great and gives you a better understanding into knowing what you do and may not want to do.” 

Steven graduated this past June and plans on attending a two-year college until he figures out exactly what it is he wants to pursue. He’s leaning towards a business management major. 

This was the first year Warwick partnered with Listrak for the internship program. Both parties look forward to continuing the relationship. 

Any upcoming seniors interested in the Warwick Internship Program should reach out to Dr. Axe or assistant high school principal, Mr. Kyper.